It has been a weird week, I weighed myself on Tuesday and I had lost 5-6lbs since Sat. However I had another time of the month. This has been my 3rd one in just over a month. So I have been horribly bloated and so when I was weighed today I was the same weight as I was last week. I look thinner and feel thinner and my consultant said I look a lot thinner but because of how bloated I am getting from the water my body is retaining it doesn't show on the scales. (Edit Sunday next day, weighed myself again this morning and I am back down to the weight I was on Tuesday so hopefully it will stick! Defiantly less bloated now as well thank god!)

My consultant wants me to visit the doctors, as because I have the implant in my arm she says it could be effecting how bloated I am getting plus the amount of periods I have been having in a month! Thinking about it since I have had the implant (2 and half years now) I have always been quite bloated when it was my time of the month. When I was bigger it wasn't that noticeable but now that I am getting thinner it is more obvious. So I plan to visit my doctor sometime in the next few weeks to see what they can do.

I feel a lot healthier my skin just feels amazing! It is so smooth! My face is looking a lot thinner as well, I have always had quite chubby cheeks but they have gone! It so strange looking at photos from a few months ago to find that I look so different now. It's great! If my weight goes back down in the next few days I have just about 1 stone to lose until I reach my goal weight. It means that I would have lost 1 and half stone in just over 6 weeks which is amazing! Ideally I would like to be lower than my goal weight but my consultant said that if I go 5 pounds lower which is what I wanted to do I will actually be classed as being underweight, which is not something I really want to do. I am going to see how I feel when I reach my goal weight and if I feel I need to lose the odd pound or two more then I shall but I do not want to lose so much that I become underweight. I still want to be curvy but healthy! (:
It is a few hours before my weigh in, this week I haven't exercised as much as I had done last week, the heat is horrible. I have been walking quite a bit but when I am home I just want to lie in front of my fan because it is just too hot to do anything. I don't think I have lost that much this week but I defiantly look thinner.

I went into shopping yesterday as my clothes are beginning to not fit me so I need to get a few cheap things that I can wear while I am losing weight. Also my wardrobe isn't really suited for this weather, I do have dresses but I am doing some work experience beginning Monday for two weeks so I can't wear dresses etc to do some prop making as I do not want to get messy! I therefore brought a few cheap tops that I can wear with some leggings or shorts while on my work experience. Anyway normally I go for a size 12 on top but I decided to try a size 10. The top I tried fitted me which was amazing, it was a tiny bit tight on my chest but apart from that it was fine!

I have really noticed how I am becoming less curvy, I have never really had a huge stomach I was more wider sideways than going out from my stomach, if that makes sense. I can feel my hip bones a lot more than before, I am probably about an inch off from actually seeing them. It just amazes me how much my body has changed in such a short amount of time.

Had my weigh in, I lost nearly 3 lbs this week, I didn't think I had lost that much as I had been weighing myself during the week. As I haven't been exercising I didn't expect to have lost as much. I am still happy with the weight I have lost this week as it is slowly all coming off! I have therefore so far lost 16-17 lbs in 5 weeks which is great! My bmi is going down a lot which is what I wanted. Just 1 lb of fat is a lot, I keep on picturing this photo every time I lose 1 lb because its amazing how much 1 lb of fat is:

Even though I know I have lost weight seeing myself every day I don't realise how much of a difference there is at the moment, I am nearly half way through my diet and already the changes are amazing.

This week I have lost 3 pounds which puts me to 14 and a half pounds lost so I have just lost over a stone in a month. Which is where I wanted to be!

My body is being very weird at the moment though, I finished my period last Tuesday, I felt like a water balloon for about a week to then find that Wednesday my body had planned another period for me. No wonder I had been feeling like crap and like a huge whale. Ergh. I told my consultant about it today and she had said that this was the reason why I hadn't lost anything last week, my body is adjusting to the rapid weight loss and this was its way of coping. It is hard when you are a girl because of your hormones etc your body can just store loads of water because of this which can make you feel like crap. The past few days I have been feeling better, less like a water balloon more like a person.

Nothing has changed in my diet, I have been having two cambridge foods with one normal food meal a day. I am feeling full and satisfied at the end of the day. I am still doing my exercise and will continue to do so, I try to do about a 6-10 minute routine every night along with walking quite a bit during the day. I am trying to tone my body up as well as drop the weight. I do not want to over do myself in the exercise as I am not eating much as it is so too much exercise is bad for me.

So from losing just over 1 stone in a month I should therefore only be on this diet for another month and a half to two months depending on how my body reacts to the weight loss. If my body acts like it did in the first few weeks then I shall lose it a lot quicker but by the beginning of August I shall be nearly at my goal weight hopefully! (:
I had my weigh in earlier, I was a bit disappointed because I hadn't actually lost anything this week, which is weird! I have lost another inch all over basically so I found it strange that I haven't lost anything. I was told that I could be retaining water from my period because it has finished a few days ago, I do feel bloated I have done all week really so this is probably true! I was told that because I am a woman my body will obviously react when it is the time of the month so this is what has happened! I have only snacked once which is that I had a tiny chip off my boyfriend's plate but that is it!

I think maybe I haven't been drinking enough water as well, I haven't been home all the time I have been out so it is kind of difficult to drink loads of water when I am not at home. I always carry a bottle of water with me and I have been getting through this and then drinking more when I am at home. However it has been really hot the past few days here in the UK so I need to drink more than what I have been drinking.

I have done a few bits of exercise, well it's not exercise as in working out but I have been doing some building for some of the work experience I am doing this week. Quite a bit of lifting heavy items and carrying them up a few flights of stairs, and then quite a bit of walking. I need to do more exercise but not so much that I have no energy left because I am not eating a lot.

I found this youtuber 'Blogilates' Cassey Ho is her name, she is a fitness instructor and does some exercise routines some are short about 6-10 minutes and some are longer. I am going to do some of the short ones, one or two a day hopefully! I just did this one just (link below), which is called Victoria Secret Supermodel Stiletto Legs Workout. It is a leg routine which works on your butt as well in heels, it kills! I managed to do the whole workout wobbling a bit as I did it in 5.5 inch heels! You do really feel it on your legs and butt during and after. It was only about 6 minutes long so doing these type of routines daily will help me get toned as well as help to lose the weight.

Cassey also does some cheap and clean eating recipes. I have been looking at recipes for once I am back on eating normal food. I know that my consultant is going to make me a diet plan but I want to look for myself as well to find some recipes that I can use that will be healthy for me. Some of the foods she makes I wouldn't eat, but I could always use food that I would eat but cook it in the same way she does or substitute some of the ingredients for ones that I like. I came across the coconut flour recipe that she uses for making tortilla wraps. I never even knew that coconut flour existed! This is something I would love to try, or even make with a very low carb flour.

When I have finished with the cambridge diet I would want to start making my own food from scratch. This way I will know what would be going into the food I am eating and I will feel better about the food that I am eating. Also it would mean that my cooking skills will be getting better, I love to cook but I used to mainly bake cakes etc (I don't even eat the things that I bake I just love to cook!) my mom would normally cook my dinner for me so I didn't really have a choice of what I could eat. I want to take control on my diet as I am doing now and I want this to continue when I start eating normal food again.